Income Tax

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How It Works:

1. By completing our registration form we will register as your tax agents with the Revenue Commissioners.

2. It will take Revenue 3-5 working days to register us.

3. In the meantime we will email you an easy to complete tax questionnaire, you simply complete this and return to us. (form should not take any longer than 10 -15 mins to complete)

4. We will calculate your tax liability (Or hopefully your refund!!!)

5. You confirm you are happy with the figures.

6. Pay our fee.

7. And your done, income tax return complete for the year!!!

No more trips to your accountant, gathering your receipts, income tax is a self assesment tax, we don't need to see your receipts, you just advise us of your income and expenses and we complete your return on this basis. Just remember to keep for your receipts for 6 years incase revenue have any queries!!!